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Surprise on Surprise on Surprise!

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013
Oh, Hidden Valley. There is so much to say today!

First and foremost, last night before going in to the dining hall the bravest campers, counselors, and AWACS alike had an appetizing appetizer of… baby food! Some of the less than pleasing flavors include: prunes and oatmeal… a new line of baby food called “Happy Baby” which Peter mixed Ratatouille and pumpkin and white bean, as well as ham, rice, pineapple, and apple, and macaroni and beef and vegetables. There were big spoons and goopy, green applesauce galore! After some interesting guesses as to what the creations were, campers closed their eyes and… BAZZINGA! Counselors switched cabins and ate with their new crew, then lead them to a group evening program!

Taj Mahal, Fiddler’s Green, Camelot,
 and Haley’s Comet painted themselves red, green, yellow, or blue and played a riveting game of Quidditch! With pool noodles between their legs as “broomsticks” campers threw soccer balls through hula hoops taped to the soccer goal. Two counselors were painted yellow and ran around as the golden snitch. It was a wild time!

Paquatahnee, Shangri-La, 
and Valhalla put their swimming suits on and played a crazy game of Cascade at the pool! A huuuuge bag of balls was dropped into the water and campers had to try to push the balls to the opposite team’s side. Sometimes the rules were switched, like not being able to use their hands, etc. Then the campers had to gather up all the balls and throw them back in the monstrous bag! Nice!

Down Under, LCH, Loons, Avalon, 
and French 1/4 hunted the staff in a energized game of staff hunt! The counselors covered themselves in mud and hid, the campers ran around in a frenzy looking (and eventually finding) them!

Atlantis, Chateau Fiasco, Treasure Island, Forbidden Planet, 
and Gimme Shelter played a similar game, Man Hunt, which includes the campers hiding and hunting.
Everyone reunited with their original counselors in the Rec Hall for a… surprise dance! After everyone busted a move, they moved to Deer Meadow’s Field for a second surprise… FIREWORKS! The show was absolutely breathtaking. We are lucky folks here at HVC.

It was a full night, to say the least, and campers eyes fell shut as soon as they hit their pillows.

Today is the last day of classes, two weekers that are leaving us will be receiving white books during rest period so they are able to exchange addresses and phone numbers so they can keep in touch with all of their new friends!

Tonight’s evening program will showcase all the wonderful things campers have learned the past two weeks, tonight is Sharing Night!

Stay sunny,


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