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So Many Photos! So Many PJs!

Thursday, July 9th, 2015
L.C.H. on their pool parade!

L.C.H. on their pool parade!

Hi, Friends! Olive Oyl here and back in action with lots of photos and PJ Day news just for you!

First things first, let’s talk about our amazing sharing night yesterday. We had a whole bunch of acts, varying from guitar and ukulele class to Wild Things, doing a poetry reading that turned into a crazy tribal dance. We also had an HVC-themed puppet show from our sock monkey making class, monologues from our improv class, and an original song from songwriting. We had some lovely dance, with a super cool city street scene from Stomp class, beautiful moves from jazz, ballet, hip-hop, zumba, tap, and contemporary, and lots of fun jumps and bounces from Irish step dancing class. We also got a sneak peek of the Musical, with “The Circle of Life.” And to finish off the night, we heard a lovely medley of songs with Hidden Valley-esque lyrics from our singing class. It was an all-around fantastic night where we got to see all that our campers have been working on these past two weeks. And boy did their hard work pay off! The dance moves were impeccable, the singing in tune, and the acting impressive. We can’t wait to see what more we accomplish the rest of the summer!

Today marks the start of our next two weeks here at Hidden Valley, which means class sign-ups! We have a bunch of fun, new classes for the rest of the summer. There’s hammock making, Hocus Pocus, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and an elusive HVC-favorite, Liquid Smoke. We’ve also got pinhole photography, trash to treasure, advanced ropes, a whole class devoted to artful face painting, poetry, and horse care. So many fun options!

After signing up for all our new activities, we had a restful rest hour and productive cabin clean. We then went in a million different directions for cabin day activities! Avalon did English-themed cooking and collaged a cabin mural, Loons did an egg drop in the tree house, and Lower Carriage House did a parade to the pool. Chateau Fiasco went for a swim in the lake, while Bermuda Triangle did a spontaneous parade all over camp and Forbidden Planet went for a hike on Tom’s Trail. Wombles did finger painting and a dance party, Down Under did mosaics, and French Quarter went for a dip in the hot tub and played ropes games. Paquatahnee did a spa day, Shangri-La made a cabin mobile in pottery. Camelot did Tipi Zip line and splatter paint, Fiddler’s Green did paper compliments, and Valhalla did a round of iron chef. Deer Meadows was off camp doing a whitewater rafting trip, Wabanaki made banana boats over the fire and painted their faces, Taj played the yarn web game, and Gimme Shelter helped SnackJack construct Hal-Snack-1000. Community also made a rare appearance on camp to join us for some meals and spend the afternoon in the glass blowing studio!

Now we’re chowing down on a delicious Mexican feast before heading off to Timmy Night, where we’ll see what Rock Band has been up to these past two weeks. We’ll be rocking out in front of the gazebo and dancing the night away in our PJs.

Be sure to check out all the awesome pics of the candy drop, today’s lazy day, and last night’s sharing night!


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