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Sharing Night, Oh What A Night!

Sunday, August 16th, 2015
Hanging out at Meg's planet...

Hanging out at Meg’s planet…

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Olive Oyl here with a special guest report about our wonderful showcase of sharing and talent this evening.

We had a whole bunch of amazing acts tonight, showcasing all of the creative and impressive work that our campers have pulled off these past two weeks. We had beautiful music from guitar class with an acoustic version of the camp favorite “Oh How Lovely Is The Evening” in the form of a round. We had a very dynamic mash-up from ukulele class, heard an original song in Perri’s singing class, and a duet from Sandia’s singing class. Burning Down The House, and awesome creation and destruction class, (safely) burnt down a huge structure that they built. Stomp class did a paint and percussion routine a la the Blue Man Group and Zumba class did an upbeat dance routine. We also heard some poetry, which turned into chaos and craziness, from Wild Things. We saw some elegant moves from our Ballet and Jazz classes, and broke it down with Hip-Hop and Irish Dance. We saw some wacky tricks from Circus class and also saw a funny skit from out campers up at the Tipis. All around it was a fantastic night featuring a whole range of skills and creations, hosted by our hilarious cop MCs, who did indeed catch the bad guy in the end.

It’s hard to believe that camp is winding down, with our final Trip/Lazy day tomorrow and Fair Day on the horizon. All of the awesome performances aren’t quite done yet…we have the Alive! show tomorrow night! They’ve been working on a production all summer entirely written, directed, created, and performed by the teen arts campers. I’ve heard mumblings and seen snippets and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store!

Also be sure to check out the amazing photos of a newcomer we’ve had at camp…let’s just say he’s large and fluffy and really enjoying the HVC experience. Even more photos of our new furry friend will be coming in the next few days.

Au revoir,




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