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Sharing Night Details and the Very Last Lazy Day!

Monday, August 18th, 2014
A beautiful rainbow appeared yesterday afternoon

A beautiful rainbow appeared yesterday afternoon

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Olive Oyl here with your Lazy Day dispatch.

We had a spectacular evening last night with our very final Sharing Night! We saw a whole variety of acts, with lots of movement like gymnastics, hip-hop, swing/salsa and choreography. We also heard a lot of beautiful music, with tunes from ukulele, guitar class, songwriting, and HVC songbook, who shared the camp classic The Princess Pat and also Goodnight Irene. We had some silly videos from animal care and archery class, plus a surprise appearance by a few of our llamas friends with extreme llama care. There was also a mysterious skit by our Liquid Smoke class, which had the rest of camp still guessing as to what the meaning of the class was. Theater Improv class had us laughing and we also had two special performances by campers on the piano, doing a postponed Valleyfest so that they could use the piano indoors. All in all, it was a wonderful way to wrap up the end of a productive and creative two weeks of classes. There’s so much talent here at HVC that it’s truly amazing to see it all together in one night!

This morning we embarked on our final lazy day of the summer, with the younger half going to the roller skating rink and the older half staying on camp for Hawaiian day. The younger half will spend the morning skating around and munching on some yummy snacks before they head back to camp in time for lunch. Meanwhile, the older half is busy doing a super cabin clean before they head off to lazy day activities, where it will almost be like they’re on tropical vacation in Hawaii. There’ll be a ukulele jam, grass skirt making, lay making, a pineapple ring toss, tiki torch limbo, surf n’ slide, and a hula hoop contest. This afternoon younger half and older half will reunite for a reloaded pool activities! They’ll be swimming, of course, plus some backyard games, parachute games, writing haikus, and capture the flag, plus the classics like friendship bracelets and reading circle. It’s sure to be a relaxing afternoon with plenty of down time for signing white books, exchanging addresses, and reminiscing about all the good times we’ve had so far this summer.

Tonight we’ll have another amazing pizza dinner, with flavors like Hawaiian (how appropriate!), bacon and blue cheese, Greek olive and feta, white pizza, and pesto pasta. Yum! After filling up on a delicious dinner, we’ll head over to the Rec Hall for the Alive! show! It’s always an amazing evening of music, dance, and theater. We can’t wait to discover what the theme is this year!

Be sure to check in tomorrow for lazy day and Alive! show photos…for now, check out sharing night!




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