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Rain or Shine, We’re Getting Ready!

Sunday, June 21st, 2015
Lesson planning night!

Lesson planning night!

Good morning, all! Olive Oyl here with staff training news for you!

It may be a rainy day here at camp, but that sure is not slowing us down. We’re taking the time to do a bunch of meetings, like safety and first aid, while we’re enjoying the warm indoors. We’re also continuing with all of our rain-friendly priorities, like pottery, screenprinting, and glass arts. This afternoon will be an exciting time as we get our cabin assignments! We’ll take some time to move into our new cabins for the session and get to know our co’s. We’ll also be getting to know our soon-to-be campers and making a game plan for the session during Blue Book night. We’ll be brainstorming cabin themes, chore charts, and wake up songs as we gear up for first session!

The other side of camp, classes and teaching, was cultivated last night with How to Be Great Teachers and Lesson Planning Night. First off, we got in groups and rotated around the backyard and front yard to learn different teaching styles, techniques, and skills applicable to classes at HVC. Peter did his classic toilet skit, in addition to discussions about great teachers we’ve experienced in our lives and teaching styles that work for us. Then we all gathered in the Dining Hall to make lesson plans for our classes and exchange knowledge between returning and new counselors. Returning counselors walked around with signs noting their specialities (glass, sports, music, etc.) and gave advice and ideas to new counselors embarking on their first rock band or stained glass adventure. It was a great night full of skill sharing and connecting with co-teachers. We can’t wait for the campers to arrive so we can show off our teaching prowess!

Until then, we’ve got less than a week until first session is in full swing and we can’t wait. This week we’ll be finishing up area trainings and getting our cabins prepped for camper arrival. More photos and news to come as we shift into first gear!

Lots of love,


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