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Pine Grove Scoop and the First Day of Classes!

Monday, June 30th, 2014
The Snack Scott!

The Snack Scott!

Heyo folks! Lady of the Lake and Olive Oyl here with news from our first day of classes!

Campers are all in their first period classes after an exciting morning meeting! We started off the day with a truly fantastic breakfast – our first egg bar! At meeting we were introduced to many different characters who will be with us this summer. Peter announced Interest Groups which happen during fifth period. Instead of signing up for a class, campers can choose from a number of options each day, like swimming in the pool, playing frisbee in the backyard, making glass beads, and going to Meg’s Planet (Meg’s amazing garden), among other fantastic activities. This morning, the announcing of Interest Groups was interrupted by mysterious bagpipes and drums. With his musical party in tow, Snack Scott emerged, waving a Scottish flag, to tell us all about snack, which happens at the start of Interest Groups. It was joyous! The Birthday Psychic also made an appearance to announce three different birthdays. All of camp joined together to sing two rousing versions of happy birthday – the English version, and the Dutch version, a HVC classic. Then, after class locations got all sorted out, Peter sent us on our merry way!

Last night, we had a superb evening program – Opening Pine Grove. Pine Grove, a majestic grove of pines, sits on the top of Tipi Hill. We have Pine Grove at the start and end of every session. It gives us all an opportunity to share whatever we please with the entire camp community, such as music, stories, or campfire traditions. We always walk up in silence, and to respect the serenity of the place, we don’t take photos or use our flashlights. Because we have such a fantastic group of campers this year, every single cabin performed at Pine Grove. It was truly remarkable. Many cabins sang (or told) camp classics – Avalon led us all in Lima Bean, Valhalla in Brown Squirrel, Chateau in the Pickle Story, Wombles in the Pizza Man, Paquatahnee in the Jellyfish Song, LCH in Bazooka Bubble Gum, French Quarter in Baby Shark, Forbidden Planet in the Princess Pat, Halley’s Comet in Everywhere We Go, Wabanaki in I don’t Know What I’ve Been Told, and Shangri-La in Spongebob’s Campfire Song. Other cabins sang (or read) songs and poems previously unheard at Pine Grove. The Burrow sang Turn the World Around, Loons sang the Lion Sleeps Tonight (with some great twists that got many of us singing), Camelot sang Tonight, Tonight, Taj Mahal sang Ho Hey, Bermuda Triangle sang Best Day of My Life, Fiddler’s Green read a poem, and Community told us about what Community means. Meg and Peter also spoke and led us in a round. After the last act, we headed down Tipi Hill to get snuggled in our beds.

After a busy first day of classes, we’ll have our first Cabin Night of the session this evening. Cabin Night gives each cabin group a chance to get to know one another, bond, and create some lasting memories. More details to come tomorrow!


Lady and Olive


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