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Packing, Cleaning, Lobster, and…Phish Food!

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Good evening, one and all! Olive Oyl reporting for duty with your Packing Day scoop.

After a yummy lunch and with our cabins sparkly clean, cabins spread out around camp for their final cabin activities. LCH went blueberry picking, Avalon did an obstacle course, and Loons performed a closing ritual at the log cabin. Gimme Shelter practiced their survival skills in the great outdoors whileChateau Fiasco took a dip in the hot tub. Treasure Island also got wet, going for a swim in the lake, while Atlantis went on a hike up past the log cabin. Forbidden Planet took a trip off camp to get some ice cream and Taj Mahal sledded on frozen t-shirts (their Taj shirts that they’ve been waiting for all summer!). Down Under did splatter art and French Quarter did artwork using the outlines of their bodies. Paquatahnee decorated shirts with puffy paint and Shangri-La signed t-shirts and finished a glass fusing project that they’ve been working on all summer. Valhalla had a picnic lunch at Tipi Village and Halley’s Comet decorated t-shirts and made buttons. Camelot made memory boats down at the creek and Fiddler’s Green designed t-shirts and went for a swim in the lake. Alive did what they do best (art!) and screenprinted in the Buckhorn. All in all, cabins had an awesome time spending some last bonding moments with their cabin-mates and reminiscing about all of this summer’s good times.

After our quality cabin time, we gathered for the very important luggage meeting, where trunks and duffels get sorted so they can be efficiently sent on buses, cars, and planes home. Once the great luggage move was completed, we gathered for our final evening meeting, complete with all of our usual acts, like the Gurus of Uselessness and the Weather Guy, there to share one last useless fact and weather report with camp. The next part of the day is probably the part of the day that most have been looking forward to…the Lobster Banquet! We relaxed in our seats ready to be waited on by our counselors, put on our lobster bibs, got our wet naps ready, and chowed down! We ate scrumptious lobster, salad, potatoes, and bread rolls. There were of course options for those non-lovers of lobster, like spanakopita and chicken parmigiana. And I can’t forget the cherry on top of the sundae of the meal…Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! After a much deserved thank you to our incredible kitchen staff, Meg suited up in her cow costume and handed out Phish Food, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cherry Garcia, and more. With our bellies full of yumminess, we’ll soon gather at the bottom of Tipi Hill to start our Closing Pine Grove ceremony. We will walk up in silence following the light of a torch, taking time to reflect on all that we’ve accomplished this summer. Once at Pine Grove, we’ll listen and share stories and songs around the campfire. To end the night, we’ll have our traditional candle lighting ceremony, where we’ll have the opportunity to individually say goodbye by touching candle flames. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for an update with more Pine Grove details. Until then, camp is winding down as the end is near. Closing Pine Grove offers us time to appreciate the wonderful people here at Hidden Valley and our successes of the summer, whether it be a woodworking project, getting a level three on the swim test, or making a new friend. Although it’s sad to leave, in the words of Taj’s Thought Du Jour this morning, don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Olive Oyl


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