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Orienting ourselves to camp!

Sunday, June 26th, 2016
Hey Gimme Shelter!

Hey Gimme Shelter!

HAPPY ORIENTATION DAY, FRIENDS! Humming Bird here, and boy, have we been busy! Today has been a HUGE day here at HVC, with every cabin getting through class sign ups, swim evaluations, lice checks and photos! In addition, of course, to our delicious Bagel Sunday breakfast, and yummy sandwich and salad lunch! Thanks, Chris and Lilian!

Our lifeguards have been BUSY at the waterfront, getting campers in and out, and evaluating their swim abilities. Each camper will be given a number (1, 2A, 2B, or 3) based on their comfort in the water, which will determine which areas of the pool or waterfront will be safe for them to swim in throughout the summer! Thank you to our lifeguards, for keeping our campers safe!

Professional staff have been helping campers sign up for their classes! Campers get to choose 4 classes to take for the next two weeks– each class lasting an hour each day. There are options ranging from animal/llama care, to basketball, to tie-dye, to a capella and more! Of course we have the musical and the play, too! Classes will begin TOMORROW! Can’t wait!

But first, we have a beautiful evening program tonight up at our sacred Pinegrove. We’ll have cabins perform classic camp songs– old and new! And we’ll welcome ourselves and our friends to begin this special summer, by celebrating our home away from home in each other’s sweet company. I, personally, cannot wait (I hope the Princess Pat makes an appearance!)

I’ll give you lots of updates on our progress as it progresses! But for now, enjoy pictures of our lovely first full day of camp!

Humming into the dining hall for leftovers,

Humming Bird

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