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Onwards and Upwards on the 3rd Day of Classes!

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Josie getting a kiss!

Good morning, lovelies!

Another egg bar, another day. Luna Bug here, full of hash browns and orange juice ready to report on all the goings-ons around camp.

Before we get into today’s events, let’s back it up to yesterday, and the candy-drop speculations of the day. During interest groups, a bunch of kids met with Tanya to discuss the conspiracy theories, and they presented their findings during evening meeting. They seemed to be in agreement that the candy drop would most likely be on Monday, but who knows. Somewhat mysteriously, the drone of a plane was heard not once, but TWICE, during the course of camp meeting. Although it wasn’t the actually the candy drop, it did seem a bit like a warning, or some secret message, to hear the planes during camp meeting… Perhaps it will be today? Tomorrow? Camp is a buzz with speculation!

Because of a big schvitz storm last night we switched what would have been Llamapalooza to movie night and we watched…Moana! The whole camp gathered in the rec hall after dinner and watched the film, and then it was off to bed. Time to sleep and get prepared for our 3rd day of classes!

We woke up to the aforementioned fabulous blue sky and settled in to camp meeting under the warm sun. As always, Peter got camp meeting started with his booming “HEY YOU GUYS!” and we started  our parade of announcements and traditions. To highlight a few- “Tide Klum” (Pronounced Tidé) announced laundry, and we heard about Interest Groups and about the opened time capsules in Meg’s Planet. The joke of the day was told, more groups were called, and finally, the Spirit Animal of the Day was announced to end meeting and send us off to classes.

Heads up! Anika and Kate from Shangri-La have been taking awesome photos and shared them with us, so we posted them for you all to see! Check below for those photos, and tons more from the past few days of classes.

Virtual high five!

Luna bug

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