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Not Our First Rodeo, But Our Second!

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

Water balloon toss!

What’s kickin’, little chicken? It’s Mama Iguana back again to tell you all about Meg’s Rodeo (Yee haw!) and the rest of our evening last night!

During evening meeting, there was lots of chatter about the candy drop. When is it? Who will be in the plane? Will there be more than one candy drop? Hmmm… so many questions! There was talk about the candy drop being in exactly seven days because it was Aloha Tuesday, there are seven letters in Tuesday, Aloha comes from Hawaii, the i’s in Hawaii upside down = exclamation points = excitement, there are ten letters in the word excitement and there are also ten AWACs, and seven of the AWACs in the candy sorting picture have their eyes closed sooooo… the candy drop is in seven days?!? Let’s see if they’re correct. Mark your calendars for the 31st, everyone!

Alright, what we’ve all been waiting for, a Meg’s Rodeo update! Meg’s Rodeo is one of the first evening programs every session where cabins rotate in groups to different activities. There was a crazy obstacle course that involved spinning, throwing three sticks, and lots of running, dizzy bat where you spin around a bat five times with a cup of water on your head and then have to run to the bucket, a game of rock tree bridge, sculpting clay with a blindfold, and trying to make a counselor llama laugh. After finishing up the stations, everyone gathered on the hill for the counselor wake up challenge. One counselor or AWAC from each cabin was nominated to lay in a trash sleeping bag, hop on over to get on their clothes for the day, run over and eat a bowl of cereal with no hands, and then spell the alphabet backwards. Our winner was Mitchell the AWAC from Gimme Shelter! It was a one wacky morning for all those counselors and AWACs.

Today is the third day of classes! The candy drop chatter has continued, there’s a debate whether this cloudy sky is “flying weather”. I guess we’ll have to wait and see! Tomorrow is our first lazy day! The lazy day will start off with our first electives of the session tonight and a game show and movie day tomorrow! Stay tuned for an exciting update from Cara B. tomorrow!

For now, make sure you check out all the photos from Llamapalooza last night! Enjoy!

Gotta bounce!

Mama Iguana

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