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New Staff, New Campers, New AWACs, New Animals!

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Our awesome archery staff!

Hi, friends! Olive Oyl here with some news hot off the press! It’s been a busy couple of days here at camp with staff doing their last few priorities and drills in various areas and spending time with co-counselors and director contacts finalizing cabin themes and cabin night activities.

And with that, camp is starting to feel a lot more like camp, with lots of new arrivals today (even including some kids!). Phillippe, our glass fusing pro staff, arrived yesterday, in addition to the rest of Gabe’s family (his wife Amanda and kids Finn and Augie), and Eden, our photo/yoga/shibori (and awesome Japanese tie-dye technique that we’re excited to have) prostaff, who arrived with her husband Aaron and two sons Mayim and Lavi. Not to mention our first campers coming without families attached, Mia and Yuval, who came in all the way from Israel to Maine early this morning. And possibly the most exciting of all, our fabulous group of AWACs arrived this afternoon, who are currently in the foothills with their awesome ARPs Seth and Danica getting started on their training before the campers arrive. Camp is getting fuller and we’re getting full of excitement thinking about a few days from now!

Meanwhile on camp, we’ve been busy in our danger areas practicing emergency drills. Mountain biking, ropes, and archery all completed their drills successfully over the past few days. Woohoo!! The archers have been especially busy finishing up their tests on the course today to get their certification. Awesome!

We’ve been busy down in the art world as well, with Phillippe doing training in the fusing studio, as well as glass bead and blowing teachers honing in on their skills before classes start. We also had our first shift meeting after lunch today where staff began to plan for the first few evening programs and Lazy Days of the summer. In the animal world, we also had a few new arrivals today, with ducks and bunnies magically appearing on camp just an hour or so ago. Check out the pictures to see the cuteness! Did I mention our batch of kittens arrived the other day as well?! It’s adorable city down at the animal barn.

This evening we’ll be having our very own staff Lobster Banquet (complete with delicious non-seafood options as well like Spanikopita, Chicken Parm, and pasta). And no lobster banquet would be complete without the ice cream. We can’t wait! After digesting a little bit, we’ll head up Tipi Hill to our beautiful quiet spot, Pine Grove. There, we’ll sit around the campfire, share stories, sing songs, and come together and reflect our time here during staff training. It’s one of my favorite nights on camp and I’m looking forward to sitting amongst the trees and next to the fire.

Well, that’s all for now. Be sure to check out the awesome pictures and check back soon!




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