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Saturday, July 11th, 2015
Dear Families,
Peter here…
Before turning this dispatch over to our regular correspondents, a quick word from me and Meg as we enter the second half of the session here.
A brief reflection on a moment from last night’s evening program…. On Elective Night I take a group of campers on the “Forbidden Hidden Valley Tour” during which a small group visits the places campers are “not allowed to go.” Along the way we stopped by a now-very-small pile of snow that we stock-piled this winter as an experiment to see – if it was well insulated – if we could have snow in July.  We do, and the children discovered it, and the spontaneous, T-shirted snowball fight that followed was a treat to be part of.
Meanwhile Meg was biking around camp visiting the many other activities you’ll read about below, and our impression is that of a community of joyful children who not only bask in their independence but also – while taking it for granted most of the time – benefit from the inter-dependence in which they find themselves immersed.
So… We are having a blast and thank you for sharing your spirited campers with HVC.
-Peter and Meg


Thank you, Peter and Meg!! Now for our regularly scheduled programming! Humming Bird here, with more updates on our lively camp lives!

Last night we had a bountiful feast at Evening Meeting!! Selected campers, counselors and AWACs played the camp classic, BABY FOOD!! For those of you who might not be familiar with our Gerber Game, I will explain! Peter announces the game and within milliseconds, there are infinite hands shot straight into the air, BEGGING to be picked to do the following: go up to the front of meeting, sit on the picnic tables, get blindfolded, eat a spoonful of baby food, and guess what flavor of baby food they have just been fed. Guesses last night ranged from fecal matter, to steak dinner. What variety!! In addition to the normally sized spoonfuls, one person from each round gets The Dreaded Big Spoon!!! And our counselor, Mila, even got a surprise baby food bath!! Check out the pictures below!!

At Meeting last night we also had a strange display from some of our counselors… When Moses and Haley called out a group last night, every member of that group appeared to be kidnapped! They were whisked off and hurried into a nearby waiting van. Victims could be heard screaming as the van drove off, and were spotted again when the van had to turn around, passing Meeting, in order to flee straight out of camp! This ludicrous display of utter chaos can mean only one thing… THE WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE!!! What will happen at meeting tonight? And what madness can tomorrow night’s evening program have in store for us??? Stay tuned!! We’ll tell you everything as it unfolds here at camp!

On a more “normal” note, (whatever that means!) our hectic Evening Meeting was followed by some überfun ELECTIVES!!! We had classics like Capture the Flag, the Hot Tub, and Peter’s Forbidden Hidden Valley Tour, of course! But we also had some new options, like Awkward Family Photos, Sardines, Creeping Around Camp, and a British Pool Party!! Also included in the fun was Kickball, a game of Manhunt led by Community, Knockout, Hiking, an AWAC Dance Party, Soccer, a Jam Session, a Pony Parade, Glass Beads, and Cupcake Baking!!

Tonight holds some wonderful plans in store for our campers! The oldest cabins have Teen Night! They will go up to Blodgett House to hang out with Community, eat some yummy ice cream, and find out a little more about all the wonderful teen programs Hidden Valley has to offer! Meanwhile, the youngest cabins will comb the camp for “candy” during tonight’s game of Candy Crush!! The rest of our cabins will enjoy some beautiful bonding time during tonight’s Cabin Night!! We’ll keep you posted about what each cabin does!!

Stay tuned right here for more Meeting mayhem, evening program plans, and general camp craziness!!

I’m off to scope out more Wheel clues!!!! I’ll report back!

Humming Bird

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