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Llamapalooza and Other News!

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014


Hey world! Lady of the Lake ready with your news!

After our lovely day of classes yesterday, we had Llamapalooza (also known as Meg’s Rodeo). During this evening program, cabins rotated through different activities. There was marker fencing, where kids tried to keep their marker chains in tact while fencing. There was also a Sherif’s Laugh station, where kids worked together to make a counselor or AWAC laugh. Few cabins were successful, but many were quite humorous and creative in their attempts. There was an elephant march station, where campers wore elephant trunks and used them to knock over cups in a relay race. There was an obstacle course, and also a dizzy bat station, where campers carried cups of water on their head and spun around a bat in a relay. There was also a rock tree bridge station, where campers in teams worked to cross the finish line first while posing as rocks, trees, and bridges. The campers had to go over the rocks, around the trees, and under the bridges. There was a water balloon tops, where campers had to use a tarp together to catch water balloons flying through the air.  There was blind llama sculpting, where blindfolded campers sculpted different objects and shapes and their cabins had to guess what they were making. Lastly, there was also tissue box dancing, where campers danced vigorously to shake balls out from a box. Once each cabin completed all the events, we gathered for the counselor challenge. Each cabin elected a counselor or AWAC to participate in the challenge, which included eating a bowl of cereal with no hands and reciting the alphabet backwards. Cabins cheered on their counselors quite enthusiastically. After all the fun and games, we headed back to our cabins to have a peaceful sleep.

Candy drop rumors have been floating around. Yesterday’s fake fact at meeting (where one counselor announces a random fake fact) was about the candy drop’s invention. James the PD also was spotted wearing his candy drop t-shirt. What does this mean? When will it be?

Since we’ve had three days of classes, it’s time for a Lazy Day! These days happen every 3-4 days and give campers a chance to have a break, sleep in, and relax a little bit. Tomorrow is our first Trip / Lazy Day. The younger half of camp will be headed to Lake St. George, where there will be lots of activities for the campers to engage in. Back at camp, the older half will have Campchella, HVC’s own music festival with music, dancing, art and poetry! There will be loads more information about the day tomorrow. Since it’s a lazy day, the Justin dispatch will come in a little later in the day.

Meanwhile, over the past few days our Community group, one of our teen programs here at HVC, has been getting settled into their new home. They live at the Blodgett House, which is about a mile away from main camp, and participate in community projects both around camp and in the surrounding area. So far, they have visited a local nursing home and begun a collaborative herb garden with our Tipi Village group. Shannon the PD gave the campers and counselors a bread making tutorial the other day, and they have even gotten to climb the ropes course! Expect more updates (and photos!) about Community as the summer progresses!

The program directors had a furry visitor at their meeting this morning – make sure to check out some pictures!

Signing off,

Lady of the Lake

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