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Lions, and Sharing and Fairs, OH MY!!

Monday, July 20th, 2015


Salutations on this beautiful, hot day at camp! Humming Bird reporting for duty to tell you all about our final Trip/Lazy day of the session!

But first!! Let’s chat about yesterday! At evening meeting we had some more campers receive their five year vests!! Check out the picture below! Then last night we enjoyed a beautiful Sharing Night! Our classes ended yesterday with a bang!! So many classes shared what they have been working on with the whole camp, and they were super impressive!! Our Hipster MCs led us through some incredible acts!! Check out photos below of our über talented campers!

Our younger half went roller skating this morning, what fun!! Check out pictures below of their time at the rink! Our young campers got to spend some time roller skating or blading– their choice– with built-in eating time! They were each provided a yummy slice of pizza and a soda! Lucky ducks!! Roller skating ducks, that is!

The older half stayed here at camp for Decades Day!! Counselors had activities set up around the Rec Hall, each lauding and paying homage to either the sixties, seventies, eighties, or nineties! We had some super groovy activities like Daisy Chains, Tie Dye, Pet Rocks, a Stayin’ Alive-themed game of Man Hunt, a Whitney Houston Dance Party, Decade-themed hair styling, a Grunge Jam Session, 90’s card games like the ever popular Magic the Gathering, and Aerobics!! Camp felt like we had all travelled back in time today!! But we’re glad to have returned to the present day, where the air conditioning is a little better!!

Tonight we enjoyed an incredibly riveting performance of The Lion King!! The whole musical cast’s hard work certainly paid off tonight, the show was so beautifully performed!! The Backstage Ninjas did it again– another seamless backstage performance by our speedy helpers!! The cast was energetic and had beautiful diction and projection, so we heard every funny joke, every heartbreaking song, and every sizzling cackle (provided for the most part by the hilarious hyenas)!! Unfortunately I don’t have pictures to show you of the performance tonight, but they are on their way and will be ready to post hopefully by tomorrow!!

Speaking of tomorrow…. It’s FAIR DAY!!! OH MY GOODNESS I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!! I’M SO SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED!!! Stay tuned for pictures of all the wacky, crazy things we’ll have going on!!

There’s so much to look forward to here at camp, so keep checking back in with us!! I’m off to make final preparations for my Fair Day booth!

Humming away,

Humming Bird

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