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Lazy Days and Last Days and Lots of Laughter!

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

The whole gang!

Hello there, world! Luna Bug here to give our faithful readers the morning report!

Man, oh, man- it’s the last day of classes! How can time fly so quickly, pass so fast? Where did the days and hours go?! Olive and I are feeling philosophical on this spectacularly blue and sunny morning.

Yesterday we wrapped up the day with the spectacular camper-counselor basketball game. After the first quarter the score was 6-3 with the campers in the lead, but the campers quickly pulled ahead to about 23 to 3 by the end of the second quarter. In the 3rd quarter Team X came out for the counselors, and while they played with their hearts, they did not close the gap. Even PK got in the game, making some aggressive moves to the basket that left everyone impressed. By the fourth quarter, a new squad of counselors came in and quickly closed the gap, and the game was tied up at around 24 points

Today was also our final Bagel Sunday! We had not one, not two, not three, but four choices of cream cheese: lox, garlic and herb, sun-dried tomato, or just regular cream cheese. Whatever your spread- butter included- it was the perfect way to begin this final day of classes.

Tomorrow we have our final lazy day of the session. The younger half will go Glow Bowling while the older half stays on camp for Adulting day. Our evening program tomorrow is the musical which is A Very Potter Musical. Should be an awesome day!

Then, after the lazy day we have Fair Day, and the next day is Packing Day, and the next day is Departure Day. Wait… WHAT?! Okay, I’m backing it up to tonight because I just can’t think about Departure day yet!

Tonight’s evening program is Sharing Night which should be a really nice way to cap off our second two weeks of classes. Everybody will gather in the Rec Hall to watch the mini performances and presentations from various classes around camp.

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