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Last Day of Classes, But So Much Ahead!

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014
Our Tipis folk!

Our Tipis folk!

Hey there, friends! Olive Oyl here with some news on this bright and sunny last day of classes (for the first two weeks)! It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the halfway mark of camp. We’ve already experienced so much- multiple Cabin Nights, a trip to Lake St. George, and of course The Candy Drop, just to name a few. We also still have so much to look forward to- the Wheel of Misfortune is fast approaching, as is Valleyfest, and of course Fair Day.

Tonight’s evening program is Sharing Night, where classes get a chance to share what they’ve been working on since we first arrived. Some of the classes going up will be dance, gymnastics, guitar, and video. We can’t wait to see what everyone put together! To maximize this beautiful day, we’ll have most of the night outside the Rec Hall with a cool breeze blowing as we relax in our Crazy Creeks and see what our community has produced!

Last night’s evening program was Bazzinga, which was loads of fun. It all started at evening meeting when Peter told campers to close their eyes as counselors shuffled around to their new cabins for the night! We then had dinner with our new friends and went off to one of four activities. The older girls’ cabins played Quidditch- with Taj as Slitherin, Camelot as Ravenclaw, Deer Meadows as Hufflepuff, and Valhalla as Griffendor. We had our younger ladies playing Cascade, a ball game in the pool, which was refreshing and super fun! Our younger boys were playing Staff Hunt, where they were figuring out a list of clues and riddles in order to find hiding counselors all over camp. Lastly, the older boys were playing Man Hunt, where they first played in two teams and then switched it up to counselors versus campers.

Tomorrow marks the laziest of all lazy days, Pajama Day! All of camp will be here for a relaxing and fun day before we start our new batch of classes. Tomorrow is also especially exciting because we will be welcoming our two week campers! We’re having a reloaded Pool Activities tomorrow, where we’ll have our usual friendship bracelets and slip n’ slide, but also a game of capture the flag, a creek walk, some tennis matches, and parachute games. During this time our new campers will also be arriving, so we’ll be sure to welcome them and show them the ropes around camp. After a big cabin clean we’ll have cabin day activities, which is just like a cabin night during the day. It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know any new campers and also have some more bonding time with cabin mates. More details on these activities to come tomorrow. In the evening we’ll be enjoying a lovely performance by the Half Moon Jug Band, which is sure to get us movin’ and groovin’. Throughout the day we’ll also be filtering in to pick our new classes for the rest of the summer and get a camp t-shirt!

It’s about time for a Tipis update, as they are starting to wrap up their time together after a wonderful two weeks. The group took a camping trip to Cadillac Mountain, where they had a picnic lunch and a hike. They then built a fire, played some games, and cooked a lovely meal. There was then a bit of rain, which made for some perfect story time by the fire. They then traveled to Acadia, where the boys of Tipis hiked the Beehive Trail, which was rocky and challenging, but awesome. The girls went to Bar Harbor’s Sand Beach for a relaxing time by the ocean. They closed their time together with a circle sharing thoughts and memories, which from Tipis counselors can only be described as magical.

Speaking of magic, we had some pretty incredible strawberries both last night and this morning. Our desert last night was a strawberry shortcake made with fresh and local Maine strawberries. We had round two this morning with some strawberry sauce on our waffles. Yum!

Well, I’m off to soak up the beautiful sunshine! More updates soon!




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