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Kim and Reggie Visit and Classes Resume!

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Good morning, friends and family! Alleycat here with all the new HVC details for you.

As you know, the Lazy Day was a wild success and the weather was a dream! After the beach or pool, younger and older half returned to their cabins for an extended rest period and intense cabin clean. Two Southern fire-fighters inspected the older half cabins, whereas two mammoth-like creatures (who were traveling salesman) inspected the younger half.

The evening program featured Hidden Valley’s great friends: Kim and Reggie Harris! All of camp excitedly sat in front of the gazebo for an outdoor concert (that finished just in time! little droplets rained down on campers and counselors as they scurried back and changed into their fuzziest PJs and cuddled up in bed). The cabins Camelot and Treasure Island snuck away from rest period and instead learned and then performed in front of camp. Kim and Reggie performed once more again at morning evening… and camp performed for them! Everyone sang the camp favorite “The Farthest Field” as a goodbye and thank you. They will be traveling all over the U.S. for the next month and we wish them the safest travels!

Now for a bit of a Teen Program Update!

Alive! is getting off to a great start! We kicked off the program by attending a concert for Guster, Ben Folds Five and The Barenaked Ladies. The next night, Alive! bonded over a camp fire. The third day was the first day of classes. We’re all in courses that range from Photography and Lantern Making to Poetry and Contemporary Dance. In two weeks when these classes end, we will have the chance to continuously push our boundaries and sign up for other interesting classes. All the while, we are working on creating and performing our own original show that we will put on at the end of the session. Until then, we’re watching art documentaries and visiting museums! Go, Alive!
-Matthew and Evan (two Alive campers!)

Excerpts from the Spoken Word Poetry class:

“Fraying strings
winterized shoelaces
are all they needed
to twirl them together
now she wears armor
for weeks on end
and he holds a glass fusing torch
so that
he can fuse together
the follicles of their hair.”
• Tia

“When I step out into the rain,
I feel your droplets on my back…
I want to be dry,
but now I’m stuck inside & out,
because you’ve made
a stigma
branded to my feet,
and now when I’m thrown onto my knees,
you can almost see the free me
coiling along my soles.”
• Gabe

Now for an apprentice update! The teen apprentices has an awesome day yesterday. They took a trip up to Frye Mountain and had a picnic. Apprentices took care of breakfast, lunch, and dinner themselves eating omelets with peppers, onions, tomato, ham, and cheese as well as burgers and veggie burgers over an open fire! After this, they made Blodgett nice and cozy! I’ve also been asked to specifically mention that the “skunk hunt” the other night for Electives was a riot. Lots of silly string and hunting the apprentices. Everything is going swimmingly with our apprentices working on their individual projects as well as meeting with their mentors! Great work, everyone.

Campers had a special treat this drizzly morning: hot chocolate! Mmm! And on main camp, tonight’s evening program is the D dance! Which will feature a variety of different costumes and activities.

I think that’s all for now, folks. Be sure to check below for some fantastic photographs of evening meeting, Kim and Reggie, and our awesome apprentices!


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