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Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Thursday, June 6th, 2019

WE DID IT!! Lifeguards celebrate completing the Big Swim!

Hey hey hey!! Hummingbird here on this slightly schvitzy day with another update for you! All of our lifeguards, horse staff, videographers, and ropes-y people are here on camp and beginning their various trainings! Naturally the horse staff are up in the trees and the lifeguards are swimming with the ponies…

JUST KIDDING! Ropes staff is beginning their training with High 5 Adventure Learning Center; the horse staff is getting our equine friends in tip top shape for young riders; the video staff is getting acquainted with the video equipment here on camp; and our lifeguards just finished the Big Swim in the lake! The lake is super duper cold right now so that was quite an impressive feat! But don’t worry, they spent the rest of the day in the slightly-less-frigid pool. Today they are learning about CPR and the protocols here at camp so that we can all have a fun, swimmy summer! (In warmer water, of course).

After everybody’s respective trainings, counselors have been enjoying some down time in the Red Barn, where folks have played card games, held singalongs, and generally bonded as a staff group! Even I’ve been having a blast humming along with the counselors; they’re very welcoming to a little bird like me!

In the next few days we’ll continue our area trainings and welcome the last wave of staff in preparation for….. MORE TRAINING!! We’ll transition away from areas like ropes, horses, and waterfront, and shift over to more class areas like glass, art, theater, sports, and general counseling. We’ll also begin our staff training evening programs! Staff will get to experience all the camper favorites like Llamapalooza, cabin night, and the staff talent show!

Things are about to kick up into high gear here in the Valley and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Humming along to Red Barn singalongs,


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