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Jake Day, Jake Day- Coffee Cake Day!

Saturday, July 7th, 2018

Happy Candy Drop!!!

Hello hello hello! Cara B. here with an update from Electives!

But first, more on the candy drop. Yesterday, our meeting was interrupted by a low flying plane. This could only mean one thing- CANDY DROP!! We raced to the soccer field to collect candy for our cabins. After waving goodbye to our amazing droppers, Sandia and Jess, we returned to the backyard with backpacks and pillow cases full of sweet treats. Peter invited previous droppers go up in front of camp meeting to talk about their experience. Believe it or not, the soccer field looks super small from way up there, especially compared to the big llama painted on the roof of the red barn and the “H” dock down at the lake. We read out some mysterious notes that were taped to some of the candy, which included shout-outs to cabins with AWACs in them (hmm…) and one that remarked that the candy drop is today- no kidding!

We finished our meeting and headed into the dining hall for a spaghetti dinner. Afterwards, we returned to the soccer field for Electives! I like to think of Electives as a choose-your-own-adventure evening program- interest groups style! Counselors line up on the soccer field to announce what activity they would be running that evening. Campers are then split into three groups, and the quietest group gets to run walk calmly to the activity of their choice. There were lots of the classics, like Peter’s forbidden tour, baking cookies, glass beads, and a lake swim, along with some special activities like fantasy map making, henna tattoos, water bottle destruction, and freestyle rapping! There was also a huge game of capture the flag of course, in which everyone knew the rules and didn’t know the rules, remembered them but forgot them, won, lost, didn’t know, and didn’t care- a successful game! We gathered together in the Rec Hall to end the evening with recaps from different activities and to sing “The Farthest Field” led by Meg. It was a beautiful way to end the evening!

Today is Jake Day, the day where we film our cabin cheers, camp meeting, and other exciting things going on around camp to put in the camp yearbook video that is sent out to families each winter. Some cabins got an earlier start this morning in order to film their cabin cheer. Good thing we had a delicious breakfast of strawberries, scrambled eggs, and coffee cake to fuel us up! We conducted our morning meeting as usual, filming laundry, birthdays, thought de jour, interest groups, and the spirit animal of the day.

Right now, everyone is settling into their second round of classes. Tonight is a three in one evening program- the youngest cabins will be doing Candy Crush, the middle cabins will be doing field activities, and the oldest cabins will head down to Blodgett house to hear about teen programs! Mama Iguana will tell you all about it tomorrow. For now, enjoy photos from the candy drop, classes, and Electives!

Peace out, cub scouts!

Cara B. Ner

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