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I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone…

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Top o’ the morning, Hidden Valley-ers! Olive Oyl reporting for duty as we continue on this beautiful third day of classes. We had some rain yesterday, but that didn’t stop campers from having fun and staying warm and dry! Basketball fun shot some hoops despite the drizzle and swimming classes enjoyed the warm water down at the lake (thanks to previous day’s shining sun) plus the toasty sauna. The heated pool kept everyone warm and the sauna was fired up as well to escape the rain and stay extra dry. Today’s weather has been looking up- clear skies and a shining sun…definitely good flying weather! I’ll keep my ears especially alert for the sound of a buzzing plane in the sky because we all know what that means…

The rain cleared up yesterday just in time for some awesome evening programs. The teen programs Alive and Apprentices joined together and got funky with a contra dance in the rec hall! There was music that made everyone tap their feet, partners were spun round and round, and fun was had by all. Nothing like some dancing to lift everyone’s spirits after a rainy day. On main camp, we gathered for Meg’s Rodeo in the backyard. Cabins rotated to different stations, some of which were working on cabin cheers, a water balloon toss, sheriff smile, and llama spitting. Cabin groups got a chance to hang out with each other, compete in awesome challenges, and enjoy the clear weather outside- it was a fabulous time! Up for tonight’s evening program is electives, where counselors will offer various special activities, in the past we’ve had a wide variety from creek walks to dance parties to cookie baking…we’ll see what our counselors have planned for tonight, it’s sure to be amazing! More details to come tomorrow, as always.

Tomorrow will be our first Trip/Lazy day of the session, with younger half voyaging off camp for a day of sand and sun at Lucia Beach, while older half will stay on camp for fun and games on Survivor Day. Until then, we’re enjoying the sunshine and the smell of flowers (or is that candy?) in the air.

Check out these photos:



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