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Hidden Valley’s Got Talent!

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

The Ropes staff doing the limbo!

Happy first day of summer, everybody!

It’s Luna Bug here reporting on this breezy, blue, and beautiful day at HVC.

Busy, busy, busy here, but does that even surprise you? Phone calls to folks at home are happening, Weather Guy is busy preparing, and we’ve all been practicing on perfecting the horns section for Meg’s Planet.

Yesterday was a jam packed day. The lifeguards completed all of their drills, which means that the pool (FUN) and the lake (FUNNER) are open for the staff to use, provided a lifeguard is with us! Just in time, because it’s heating up over here.

Last night our evening program was the staff talent show. Olivia, Lucy, Rob, and Taylor were our wonderful MCs for the night, picking up where they left off from a promo when Rob scandalously proposed to Olivia instead of Taylor. See photos below and see if you can puzzle out what’s happening!

The talent show was so fun, and there were over 15 acts! Tanya told us her Otis the Llama conspiracy theories, there was a performance of Valerie, and the PDs performed a campified version of Sunday Morning. Aaaah, Olive Oyl and I are still not over all the amazing acts!

Today, everybody has scattered off to our different corners of camp for morning priorities, and this afternoon the whole staff will enjoy a bit of off time before we’re back on tomorrow.

Ciao for now!

Luna Bug

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