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Gross Day & Lake St. George!

Monday, August 10th, 2015



Hi Kittens! Cat Nap here to give you an update on all things Lazy Day! Camp started the day with a late wake up and a delicious breakfast! Then, while the Older Half spent their day at Lake St. George, the Younger Half stayed on camp for GROSS DAY!!!! And yes, the name really does describe the day perfectly….Campers had many activities to choose from like “condiment twister”, participating in a gross obstacle course, or seeing if they were brave enough to see what inside the “mystery box”! Campers that were not keen on getting gross also had the option to participate in “Tranquility”, which Humming Bird and I did on occasion. Instead of covering their bodies in household condiments, campers that chose tranquility spent the day in Meg’s Planet reading, making friendship bracelets, drawing, or playing frisbee!

The Older Half on the other hand, spent the day relaxing at Lake St. George! The sun was out, the lake was cool, and campers sang and played music on their ukulele’s! Some activities at the lake included swimming in the lake (“DUH” – Humming Bird), Friendship Bracelet making, Playing Frisbee, Cards (Lots of “Magic The Gathering” players!), and much more! Campers and staff arrived back to camp at around 2pm to save some time for rest period and a SUPER CABIN CLEANUP before the cabin inspectors arrived!

Check in tomorrow for an update on tonights evening program: VALLEYFEST!!!!

AND look below for some pictures from today’s Lazy Day fun!!

Have a purr-fect evening!!! 🙂

– Cat Nap

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