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Good Day Sunshine!

Sunday, July 6th, 2014
The best of friends

The best of friends

Hello, friends! Olive Oyl here happy to report that the sun is once again brightly shining here at HVC!

We had a fabulous evening last night with out Under the “C” dance (combination underwater and the letter “C” theme). There were so many Creative Costumes, like carrots and rotten carrots, a chihuahua, a cactus, and of course, campers and counselors, plus some aquatic-style outfits, complete with swimsuits and goggles. The Rec Hall was abuzz with tunes and dancing, while we had a bunch of other activities going outside. There was octopus tag, costume making, face painting, go fish, and basketball. We also had a new game called Save the Ducks, where you had to use a hockey stick to move rubber ducks into a giant puddle. We also made rainbow puddles and ended up making something beautiful out of a rainy day. We also had candy fishing where you had to guess the number of swedish fish in the jar–Shangri La and Bermuda Triangle walked away the winners.

This morning marked the second Bagel Sunday of first session, and the sun definitely got the memo as our puddles are drying up and we’re soaking up some rays. Meg and Tom played on the courting dulcimer this morning and it made for a musical and beautiful start to the day. It almost seems like the perfect day to go for a little plane ride…we’ll just have to wait and see!

French Quarter and Fiddler’s Green were on our first camping trip of the session last night. They arrived back early this morning and we heard it was a great success. Many more camping trips will be leaving throughout the session, and they’re a great way to be in nature and bond with your cabin for a lovely evening. We also started our Hope Elephants trips, so be sure to check in soon for pictures!

Tonight is cabin night and campers are super excited. I’ll fill you in tomorrow on all the details and the photos. Until then, we’re enjoying the sunshine and warmth as we digest our bagels and start another awesome day of classes!

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