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Fourth of July Fun and Kim and Reggie Details!

Friday, July 4th, 2014
Shangri-La campers enjoying Kim and Reggie

  Shangri-La campers enjoying Kim and Reggie


Top of the mornin’, folks! Olive Oyl reporting with your Independence Day news!

We had a special fourth of July morning meeting after breakfast, where campers and counselors showcased their place name shirts, spanning from nearby Belfast, Maine all the way to The Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. We also had a few extra enthusiastic counselors who ran around meeting waving flags and even came up for birthdays to represent the birth of the nation!

There have been some candy drop rumors floating around the air, with AWACs mysteriously lurking around camp and campers noticing empty bags of candy around the backyard and their classes. We’re supposed to get some schvitz today and tomorrow, but after the skies clear up would be perfect flying weather…

Despite general wetness here in Maine, we managed to strategically avoid the schvitz throughout the day yesterday and even had a clear evening for Kim and Reggie Harris! They sang their classics like Dem Bones, Solar Power, and We Come From the Mountain, all complete with sign language hand motions. Shangri-La and Chateau Fiasco joined the dynamic duo on stage for a Freedom song, with the help of Henry from Chateau on the bongos. Everybody was singing and moving and grooving. Kim and Reggie bid us adieu with the HVC favorite Trampin’, as we tramped back to our cabins for a good night’s sleep, still humming along to their catchy tunes.

We’re excited to get back into the swing of things today after a relaxing lazy day. Tonight we’ll have the Staff Talent Show, where counselors and AWACs will get to show off their many special talents and skills. We can’t wait for the music, laughter, and good times!

Don’t forget to check out photos from the Campchella lazy day and Kim and Reggie!

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