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Celebrating Another Wonderful Summer at Hidden Valley

Friday, August 18th, 2017

No lunch meetings in the Front Yard today

Hi there, everyone! Cara here on staff departure day with the final update of the summer.

Man, it sure is quiet around here! Camp is slowly emptying out as the remaining staff finish up final work projects. Cabins are getting one last sweep, art supplies are being tucked away, and lots of hugs are being shared as cars are sent off camp road. By this afternoon, all of our lovely staff will have departed for their next adventure, taking with them all of the incredible memories shared and lessons learned this summer at Hidden Valley.

Luna and I are overjoyed by what an extraordinary summer it has been. We are so thankful for the outstandingly supportive and compassionate Hidden Valley community. There is truly no place on earth quite like HVC.

Be sure to check back in the fall and winter for a few updates from me, Cara B., about everything that’s going on in the HVC community during the winter. For now, enjoy some cool photos from around camp.

Smiling because it happened,

Cara B. Ner and Luna Bug <3


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