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Cabin Night and Candy Sorting!

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Happy Pancake day, folks! This morning featured a bit of blueberry sauce, syrup, and a tiny bit of schvitz… but never fear! Most classes are proceeding as usual and I’ve heard murmurs that the saunas are hot and steamy!

The first thing I noticed before I walked through the breakfast doors was a picture of our lovely AWACs… lying in a pile of candy! Then on my walk to the Rec Hall for meeting, I saw a bag of candy taped to the peace pole. What could it all mean?! If the candy drop isn’t today, is it definitely tomorrow? Campers have added pillowcases to their list of items to have in their backpacks before they leave the cabin. During morning meeting, candy drop conspiracies were discussed. Maybe the candy drop will happen tomorrow… or in a week… or when we have cola for snack… or when camp meeting takes place somewhere else… or when counselors are wearing their candy drop t-shirts. No one knows for sure!

Here is an Alive update for you all. Some fantastic classes that are being offered these two weeks for these campers are Contemporary Dance, EXTREME painting, creative writing, wire sculpture, paper lanterns, print making, photography, theatre mask making, surface design on clay, large scale clay sculpture, contact improv dance, musical theatre, singing, long form improv, and spoken word poetry! And throughout all of this, they will be working on the Alive show, which they write and perform themselves at the end of the 4 weeks. More updates on the progress of these impressive escapades soon.

In other sweet news, the first cabin night of the summer was yesterday!

Lower Carriage House got messy with some splatter paint in the back yard and then went on a creek walk.

Avalon did a twist on an egg drop… doing an egg sling-shot instead! They wrapped eggs and tried to protect them, shot them from the sling-shot, then looked to see if they were successful. Fun!

Loons, all made up with face paint, went on a stealth mission around the End of the World.

Gimme Shelter played games in the Rec Hall amidst a large obstacle course of gymnastic mats.

Chateau Fiasco also hung out by the lake and ate bananas and chocolate chips!

Treasure Island did something zany with a slingshot and had a ninja initiation.

Atlantis left camp and took a trip to Frye Mountain! They did rose, bud, thorn for the summer ( ) they then wrote their thorns on rocks and then threw them over the mountain!

Forbidden Planet had a cook out in their fire-pit… yum.

Down Under played a game of “Find the AWAC!”

French Quarter whipped up some French crepes in the barn kitchen. Ooh lala!

Paquatanee cuddled kittens, played a bit of knock-out and then were surprised to find a firepit ready for s’mores! They then sang songs and played a game of mafia around the fire, ending the evening with a roll down Tipi Hill.

Shangri-La participated in a scavenger hunt and campfire songs.

Valhalla screen printed bandanas and then rolled down the hill by the Dining Hall.

Halley’s Comet made constellation no bake brownies!

Camelot went on a photo scavenger hunt around camp.

Fiddler’s Green played improv games and zipped down the Tipi Zip.

Taj Mahal used their many hands and paint to make a new, spectacular cabin flag!

All in all, everyone had an incredible evening. Cabin group personalities are starting to blossom as well as new friendships! Tonight, all of camp will participate in an evening program that I love: Meg’s Rodeo. Cabin groups will face a variety of challenges in the Deer Meadows field.

Also we have photographs from cabin night!

Keep your eyes to the sky,

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