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Cabin Bonding!!

Sunday, July 5th, 2015


Hello, friends! Humming Bird here with a late night post about tonight’s Cabin Night!! I guess tonight I should call myself Night Owl (hehehe!)

We had a wondrous night of cabin bonding tonight, with plenty of clever, creative activities!! Here’s a list of what our cabins did tonight!

Loons went on a scavenger hunt to the End of the World and built a fort out of junk!

LCH Went to the treehouse and made a splatter painting, which turned into a paint fight! After some showers, they ended the night with some stargazing on this beautiful, clear-skied night!

Avalon had a lake cookout and went for a swim and a sauna!

Gimme Shelter’s birds of prey did “Birdsketball fun” on the basketball court!

Bermuda Triangle did a Commando Hike, which is a super fun hiking game, followed by s’mores!

Chateau Fiasco did an outdoor cookout in the Slums firepit, and played some tag, Manhunt, and The Wind’s A’blowin!

Forbidden Planet initiated a new member of the cabin (face paint was obviously involved) and roasted marshmallows over a campfire!

Wombles went to Blodgett House and spent the night with our Community Service teen campers!

Down Under made paper outlines of themselves and filled them in with representations of their personalities!

French Quarter had a pool party and went stargazing!

Paquatahnee cooked dinner, read legends, and are now having a sleepover in tents up on tipi hill!

Shangri-La made pizza in our beautiful pizza oven and got a sneak preview of the ACTUAL CANDY DROP CANDY! (In exchange for agreeing to stop asking Peter questions about when the Candy Drop will be)

Valhalla splatter painted off of the tipi zipline!

Camelot did tie-dye and team building games near the Animal House!

Wabanaki dressed up as gnomes and had a photo shoot all over camp! (Henceforth, shall they be known as Waba-gnome-ki?)

Taj Mahal made glass beads and shot some hoops on the basketball court, ending in a campfire and s’mores!

Fiddlers Green did some glass fusing with Inge and Dani!

Deer Meadows bonded over a cozy fire and roasted marshmallows!

Halley’s Comet had a hot tub party! And after all their hard work with the horses, the lovely ladies of Halley’s Comet will get to enjoy a relaxing yoga class tomorrow!

We all had such a good time tonight with our cabins, and now we’re all tucked into bed and ready to greet tomorrow’s Trip/Lazy Day with big smiles and lots of energy! The younger half is off to the beach and, rumor has it, there may be a science-y mystery for our older half to solve here at camp… Stay tuned!!

I’m off to get some shut-eye before tomorrow’s big day! Check back in tomorrow!

Humming Bird

Ps: A word on the Korean dinner pictures I promised: The photos are on their way and I will post them as soon as I’m able. I haven’t forgotten!!

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