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Boo! It’s Olive Oyl!

Thursday, October 29th, 2015


Hello friends, aliens, astronauts, pizza slices, unicorns, or whatever outfit you’re sporting for Halloween this year! Olive Oyl here with some super fun camp pics to remind us that at HVC, every day has the potential to be just as silly as Halloween.

There are so many opportunities for crazy costumes at camp– from evening programs, to camp meeting, to a normal class day…it’s a pretty normal sight to see somebody with face paint, mismatched clothes, or a goofy hat.

Of course, there’s our ever-hilarious MCs for our evening programs, wowing us with their costumes and banter as they lead the night’s festivities. Then there’s Candy Crush, the AWAC’s moment to shine as vindictive Oompah Loompas. Of course there’s dances, which can range from revolving around a letter, to a season, to a place. Some favorites from this past summer were the “W” dance, When I Grow Old, and the Rain…er, I mean Schvitzbow dance. There’s also the classic, Dress in the Dark day, which officially comes once a summer, where we see campers and counselors alike pull out all the stops to have the most nonsensical getup possible. And how can we forget the wheel, where counselors dress up as a spectacular array of characters and craft a fantastic story incorporating wacky (and often gross) games and activities. And then there’s the normal goofiness that comes with everyday camp life, like Grandma Nut and Bartholomew at evening meeting and the Birthday Prom Queen in the morning. Oh, how I miss crazy camp life!

Hopefully all these HVC traditions will give you some inspiration for your costume this year. Hoping everyone has a happy and safe weekend!



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