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Beehive Photos and More to Come!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015
Beautiful Meg's planet

Beautiful Meg’s planet

Hi, friends! Olive Oyl here with lots of beautiful photos and some updates for you!

It’s a beautiful day here at Hidden Valley, and we’ve got meetings and priorities in full swing until lunchtime, after which we’ll be off for the day. Hooray!

We had an incredible evening last night with the Staff Talent Show, MC-ed by our lovely shift heads, who were on a mission to find the Blob! We had two talent agents and two paranormal investigators on the hunt for the elusive Blob, which was discovered at the end of the night thanks to the help of our many Blob dancers. In the search for the Blob, we encountered many talented acts along the way, like beautiful singing and guitar, poetry readings, juggling, and a fabulous skit by the PDs that acted out two months of camp in just a few minutes. It was a night full of laughter and lovely music, an amazing showcase of the myriad talent that our staff has to offer for the summer ahead.

Things are picking up in our new areas over camp, like the glass blowing studio (called the Beehive), where Carmi has been training some staff on the wonderful art form that is glass blowing. We can’t wait to share this awesome new activity with campers throughout the summer.

Co-counselors are continuing to prep for camper arrival–getting to know one another and coming up with cabin themes and daily schedules. It’s a super exciting time as we await for our cabins to fill up.

Be sure to check out photos of the new beehive plus staff talent show pictures to come tomorrow!

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