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Beach Day Fun in the Sun and Lots of Water Balloons on Survivor Day!

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Greetings, earthlings! Olive Oyl here with your Trip/Lazy day news!

We’ve had the perfect weather (not too hot, sun is shining) for out beach trip and Survivor Day! The younger half ventured off camp to Lucia Beach, where we enjoyed sandcastle-making, going for a dip in the refreshing water, and sunbathing (with sunscreen, of course!). At the beach we ate a delicious picnic lunch of turkey sandwiches, PB & J, chips, apples, and cookies…yum! After lots of fun in the sand and sun, we headed back to camp where we were greeted with a tasty treat…ice cream! Campers are now back in their cabins for rest hour, where they’ll be relaxing and doing a super cabin clean in preparation for cabin inspections this afternoon.

While the younger half has been off on their beach adventure, the older half has been doing Survivor Day, which involved a giant game of water balloon capture the flag this morning. The rules of the game were that you could get tagged out or hit with a water balloon. Campers could only have one water balloon at a time, so they had to use “shillings” (scraps of balloons) to “buy” another balloon. Multiple rounds were played and it was tons of fun! For those not feeling competitive, there was a tranquility area, with friendship bracelet making, facepainting, and music.

Last night’s evening program was electives, which featured some amazing opportunities, like light painting, baking blueberry muffins, a splatter paint party, and a skunk hunt, just to name a few. And of course, there was the classic Capture the Flag, which was epic as usual. Electives are a super cool way to try out something new for just a night and walk away with a new piece of art or a maybe just a funny memory.

Tonight all of camp will join together for an awesome night of groovy tunes with Kim and Reggie! Kim and Reggie are a Hidden Valley staple and always a highlight of the summer. Before we can get funky, we’ll chow down on some Mexican food (yes, churros included!), which is a Lazy day dinner tradition.

Next up on the HVC schedule is continuing our wonderful classes tomorrow and a “D” dance in the evening…lots to look forward to!

Look below for photos from the beach and survivor day!

Your friend, Olive

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