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Bazinga!, Blueberry Sauce, and Beautiful Weather!

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

Taj Mahal and their new counselor, Will!

Hey friends! It’s Mama Iguana here to give you an update on this sunny, warm day.

Last night was Bazinga! Bazinga starts during evening meeting when Peter has all of the campers close their eyes. While everyone’s eyes are closed, counselors quietly tip toe to a different cabin. When Peter yells “Bazinga!”, cabins open their eyes and welcome their new counselors for the night!

Cabins gathered in the dining hall for yummy Chinese food before splitting off into three different age groups for our evening programs: counselor hunt, predator prey, and destruction! Let me tell you a little about each evening program.

The five youngest cabins (Wombles, Avalon, Down Under, The Burrow, and Paquatahnee) went to the front yard to start Counselor Hunt! In Counselor hunt, one counselor from every cabin hides in one of the five hiding spots. Cabins are given puzzle pieces at each spot and a new clue. Once they solve the puzzle, it gives them a location to go to to receive a prize. Last night’s prize was… Ice cream sandwiches! It was the perfect treat after a very warm day.

The biggest evening program, Predator Prey, was played by the middle half cabins (Gimme Shelter, Loons, Atlantis, Chateau Fiasco, Shangri La, LCH, French Quarter, Fiddler’s Green, Valhalla, Camelot, and Halley’s Comet). Predator Prey is what I like to call organized chaos! Each cabin is assigned one of three levels of the food chain: herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. Each camper must find all of the food and water stations needed for their specific level on the food chain. For example, the herbivores had to find all 10 water and food stations since they could not “eat” any of the other “animals”. Omnivores and carnivores needed less food and water but also had to try and take a life from other campers. At every water station, there was real water for campers to take a break and stay hydrated! An added challenge was “man”, played by one of the counselors, who could take a life from anyone they saw. Also, there were natural disasters, fire, famine, cold, and flood, who could also take lives away. As I walked around observing this game, everyone had huge smiles on their faces as they were either sprinting towards another camper or hiding from others. Alliances were made and alliances were broken. What a successful game!

The oldest four cabins (Taj Mahal, Forbidden Planet, Wabanaki, and Treasure Island) participated in Destruction! Each cabin was sent to the End Of The World, which consists of lots of random camp materials, to collect two materials that would help build their fort. Cabins then brought all the materials back to the backyard and used stuff from the End Of The World, two picnic tables, and pieces of cardboard to build forts! Once the forts were all build, it was time for destruction! Cabins got water balloons and had a huge water balloon fight, using their forts. I honestly have no idea who won, but we did have fun… so I guess we all won!

Once everyone finished their activities, we gathered in the Rec Hall for a recap on the night and one of our favorite camp songs, The Princess Pat! Counselors then returned to their original cabins and everyone went back to their cabins for a good night’s sleep.

This morning, the kitchen staff prepared wonderful pancakes to start the day! By the end of breakfast, everyone’s teeth were blue from all the blueberry sauce. Yum! We gathered in the front yard for morning meeting and Peter and Meg gave us an amazing introduction to start the Fourth of July! To honor peace and hopefulness within this country, Meg presented us with a Weeping Cherry tree that will be planted next to the peace pole at Meg’s Planet. After Peter and Meg spoke beautifully about the potential for peace and kindness that our country has to offer, we sang “This Land is Your Land” to celebrate the holiday.

Lots of classes will be going to the pool and lake during the day and the sprinklers are out and in business! Everyone has been reminded to stay hydrated and stay out of the sun. Tonight is sharing night, which you will hear all about tomorrow. Lots of classes will be showing what they’ve learned the past 8 class days. I can’t wait to see what talent everyone brings to the stage!

Check out some photos from classes yesterday and Bazinga!

Farewell for now!

Mama Iguana

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