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Baby Food, Sharing Night, and PJ Day!

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

4th of July cake!

Howdy from Mama Iguana!

Today is our laziest of all lazy days… Pajama Day! I personally love PJ day because we get to welcome all of our two week campers! Over twenty campers arrived today and were greeted by their cabins at the pool! Before I go more into the details of today, let me tell you all about a special surprise during evening meeting and sharing night last night!

Last night during evening meeting we had BABY FOOD NIGHT!!!! Baby food night is a camp tradition that happens every year as a preview to one of my all time favorite evening programs, Wheel of Misfortune. Cara B. will tell you more about the wheel when it happens but let me tell you a bit about baby food night! Peter chooses seven campers per round who go up and sit at the picnic tables and get blindfolded. Once their blindfolded, one of the program directors holds up a sign of the flavor of baby food that is about to be tasted. The best part of this whole activity is when Peter tells everyone to be quiet and we get to hear the bottle pop so we know the baby food is “fresh“. Some campers got baby spoons, some got huge spoons, and one of our counselors, Anna, got a bucket of applesauce dumped on her head! It was such a fun activity to watch.

After dinner, Chris, Lillian, and all the kitchen staff presented us with beautiful sheet cakes they had made in honor of the 4th of July. They were so delicious!!!

Before Sharing Night even started, Peter gave a really nice talk about how special sharing night is for the HVC community. He mentioned how most camps care about activities like the Color War or other competitive games, but that Sharing Night is one of the nights that makes HVC so unique. So many of the campers got on stage last night to show what they had learned the past 8 days: from funny skits to incredible dances to showing off cakes people had baked. Everyone expressing themselves at HVC never fails to amaze me. Anyways, let me tell you more about the acts we had! The night started off with an amazing performance from our rock band classes! Everyone was jamming out on stage, campers were dancing all around and Chateau Fiasco even started a mosh pit!

Here’s a list of all the acts from sharing night.

Jazz performed a dance.

Dancehall performed a dance.

Period 3 photo put on a funny skit.

Knitting had a fashion show with their stylish knit items.

Both Ukulele classes performed songs they had been working on.

Zumba did a dance from their class.

American Sign Language introduced themselves and signed “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”.

Musical Theater Scenes did a Hamilton performance.

Contemporary performed a dance.

The musical gave us a sneak peak to the musical we’ll be seeing in a few days.

Tap performed a dance they worked on during class.

Yoga did a final shavasana on stage.

Songwriting sang two songs they wrote throughout class.

Line dancing did a dance to a hip country song.

Acapella sang “Take On Me” without any music!

One of the cooking classes showed off the cakes they had made.

It was such a great night. Check out the photos of all of the amazing acts!

This morning, like I mentioned before, was the beginning of pajama day! We hung out all morning by the pool while new campers came and cabins went in shifts to sign up for classes! When campers were waiting by the pool, they had the option to join a reading circle, make friendship bracelets, go down the slip ‘n slide, or just hang out with friends! Some of the new classes being offered were a daily discussion, patch printing, a fan fiction class, and lots more. Besides the new classes, all of the classics and favorites from the last two weeks were available for sign ups, as well. Also, after campers finished sign ups, they got to pick out either a camp t-shirt or HVC hat! Lots of campers are now walking around camp wearing all their cool new gear.

This morning was a blast! Campers are now off doing various cabin activities which I will tell you all about tomorrow. For now, I gotta go back to sleep since I am still in my pajamas.

Make sure to take a look at photos from yesterday’s classes, baby food and sharing night!

Sleep tight!

Mama Iguana

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