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“As A Cabin”

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015


Hello, Humans! Cat Nap here to report on today’s awesome evening program: CABIN NIGHT! Here is a quick overview on what each cabin did tonight!

LCH: Tye-Dye

Avalon: Egg Roll and Scavenger Hunt

Gimmie Shelter: “Estes Rockets Space Cowboys Blast Off”

Wombles: Scavenger Hunt and S’mores

Loons: Egg Drop

Atlantis: Creating a Zen Garden

Chateau Fiasco: Basketball

Forbidden Planet: “Tarzan Mean” (cooking their own dinner over an open fire)

Paquatahnee: Woodshop/S’mores

French Quarter: Tipi Zip

Fiddler’s Green: Rock Art

Shangri-La: Pizza

Valhalla: Baking and decorating cupcakes

Camelot: Dream Catchers, Cupcakes, and Friendship Bracelets

Taj Mahal: Spa Party

Down Under: Cookie Baking

Now, for those of you that may be new, you may be thinking “Cat Nap, what is this “cabin night” you speak of?”, and I would be happy to tell you! Cabin Night is an evening program dedicated to spending time as a cabin. So instead of coming together as a whole camp like we did the night before for the Staff Talent Show, each cabin branches off to have their own magical night that their counselors created for them! Look below for some pictures from tonight! AND check in tomorrow for an update on our Lazy Day AND Trip Lazy Day activities (Younger Half has “Opposite Day” and Older Half goes to the Bangor State Fair!), AND on top of all of that, Kim and Reggie are coming tomorrow!

Have a purr-fect evening!

– Cat Nap

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