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Arrival day is a GO!

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Look at that throng of people under the sun and schvitz tent! 


Whoah, whoah, whoah. I promised myself I wouldn’t use caps lock before introducing myself, but I just got so excited because today is a great day ’cause all the campers are arriving! It’s Luna Bug here happily reporting that today is going great, and that the schvitz is holding out of rus.

Folks who are dropping off campers by car have been pouring in all day, and we’re waiting for the New York buses to come in at around 5pm. Once that happens camp is really going to be full!

All the counselors and kids who have moved in have been hanging out in the Front Yard making friendship bracelets, name tags, and playing some game called Exploding Kittens. Yes, you read that right. The game is called Exploding Kittens! It’s super fun and is going to give Uno a run for its money.

At lunch all the campers sat with their counselors, and some parents who are still here. We had cold cuts, roast beef, potato chips, corn-on-the-cob, mozzarella and tomatoes, a salad with apples in it, and chocolate chip cookies. It was a perfect lunch on this hot and humid day.

Post-lunch it’s back to the frontyard for more hanging out and waiting for campers. We’ll have our first camp-wide evening meeting tonight, and then a (I’m positive) delicious dinner. After that we’ll head over with our cabin to the rec hall for Opening Night Skits where all the campers will be able to hear about the classes they can sign up for.

Tomorrow’s going to be another big day, but for now we’re all just excited to wait for the New York Buses! Let me see you do the funky chicken!!!

Peace out and talk to you later!

Luna Bug

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