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All You Need to Know About the Wheel Plus Today’s Lazy Day!

Monday, August 11th, 2014
Sibling floss!

Sibling floss!

Hello, folks! Olive Oyl here with your lazy day update!

Before I get started on all of today’s activities, it’s time to talk about last night’s Wheel of Misfortune! The Wheel is a twisted game show night, where campers participate in a series of challenges, in which the losing camper gets to pick a prize, where a counselor will do something special for their cabin. Every session the wheel has a different theme that the evening revolves around. Last night was the Honeymoon from Hell, where our beautiful newlyweds Katherine and Lucas went off to their honeymoon only to experience a dark and twisted resort world. Throughout the night, they met a series of crazy characters, like an especially unfriendly receptionist, a masseuse who used a fly swatter, an artist who used “bodily fluids” (ketchup of course!) as materials, and a travel blogger who kept getting pied in the face. Campers were called up by Gruesome, a mysterious and creepy-looking AWAC who selects “victims” to participate in the games. The games were all part of the plot to help out Katie and Luke who were facing a whole bunch of problems on their romantic journey. Some of the challenges were classics like the sibling floss, card game of spit, and eating the poopy diaper. There was also searching for the room key in manure, green goop facials, and t-shirt unfreezing. The night concluded with some fire, with the horrible secretary getting her hair lit on fire and Katherine seeking revenge on her husband by shooting a flaming arrow at him. Check out the photos to see all the Wheel madness! It was a crazy and incredible night and another Wheel that will go down in history in the HVC books.

After a good night’s sleep, today got off to a wonderful start with delicious, fresh-baked chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. Plus some eggs, fresh fruit, and our usual cereal, toast, and juice. The older half then headed off for a relaxing day at nearby Lake St. George. They hung out in the water, caught up on some reading, played magic and card games, and enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch. We then headed back to camp for an extra long rest period and super cabin clean.

Meanwhile, the younger half was on camp for Gross Day! We had a bunch of slightly messy and very fun activities going on like the Gross Obstacle Course and the Dunk Tank. We also had Paint Twister, Shaving Cream Hairdos, the Mud Pit and the Slip N Slide. There were non-gross options for our clean friends, over at Tranquility by the Willow Tree, where campers enjoyed friendship bracelets, cards, and hanging out. The younger had rest period and then headed over to the pool for Pool Activities! We got a chance to cool off in the pool, play frisbee, jam on instruments, and just relax.

Younger half and older half have been reunited for a yummy pizza dinner, with flavors like Hawaiian, Bacon Blue Cheese, Pepperoni, and Feta, Spinach, and Greek Olive. After filling up on pizza goodness, we’ll head over to the gazebo for a beautiful outdoor Valleyfest! Valleyfest is our camper talent show, and we’re surely see lots of amazing music, comedy, and dance. Can’t wait!

Be sure to check out all the cool photos from the Wheel plus from Gross Day and the Lake!

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