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A Sweet and Sugary Surprise…JUNK FOOD DAY! Plus Delightful Details from the D Dance!

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

Hello, there! Olive Oyl reporting for duty on this glorious Junk Food Day!

We were pleasantly surprised as we walked in to breakfast this morning and were greeted with the sweet scents of donuts, pop tarts, and sugary cereals. There were are regular healthy options available as well, like granola and fresh fruit, but for campers looking for a sugar rush, there were plenty of yummy treats to satisfy their sweet tooth. The delicious junk continues this afternoon with lunch, complete with a peanut butter, jelly, and marshmallow fluff bar, plus hot dogs and cheetos. With Junk Food Day popping up on us, I can’t help but wonder…will the sweetness continue? I can think of one other special, surprising, and sugary event that happens once a summer…candy drop! The mystery continues as we await the sound of a plane overhead, but Junk Food Day might just be a sign…

Before this morning’s fabulous breakfast, we had a ball last night at the D Dance! There was plenty of D-themed fun and games, like doodling, daisy and dandelion chains, and dunking on the b-ball court, just to name a few. A dare devilish duo lead a team of campers on a dinosaur hunt around camp and one group of campers even managed to write, and perform, a hilarious ‘D’ themed song all about the devious and deceitful Dan. And of course, there was dancing! Campers and counselors showed off their moves decked out in their delightful costumes. There was Darth Vader, Dr. Doolittle, Dr. Suess, the minions from Despicable Me, Dirty Dudes, and some Dorks, Divas, and Dolls. So much creativity from just one letter! At the end of the night, everyone gathered in the Rec Hall for the aptly named final song, “Don’t Stop Believin”–I would say it was a dynamite dance!

It’s time for a little teen update! The Apprentices went into Belfast yesterday for the art walk and stopped at the coop for snacks (herbal popcorn…yum!) and explored the funky little town of Belfast a bit. This afternoon, the apprentices will be planning for the apprentice/mentor barbeque, which is happening tomorrow at Blodgett house. The apprentices will be hosting their mentors and cooking homemade burgers and shishkabobs…sounds like a delicious and fun time! Alive has been busy as well- they have established their theme for their final show, which will be creation. Without giving too much away, the play will revolve around the creation of the earth with the planets acting as the characters. Sounds incredible, I can’t wait! Last night’s evening program was light painting and tonight they’ll be doing a Shakespeare workshop. Tomorrow afternoon, the Alive folks will head to the Monmouth Theater to see the Taming of the Shrew.

The weather’s looking up here at Hidden Valley, with the sun beginning to poke through the clouds as we take a break from the rain we’ve been having.  I’m sure it will stay clear and sunny as we continue on with the sweetest day of camp!

Check out some darling photos:

And here’s an awesome end of first session/beginning of second session video:

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