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A Night of Performances and the Last Day of Classes!

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

Peter and the Star Catcher!

Happy bagel Sunday! After an energizing breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, and your favorite toppings, I am ready to give you a detailed overview of our play, Peter and the Starcatcher, and the Alive show last night!

During interest groups yesterday, we had our counselor camper basketball game! The basketball team has been working hard the past four weeks to put on a great game against the counselors. There were secret plays involved, including the play clear and skunk, and even a special appearance from Team X! In the end, the campers one (once again) and celebrated by dumping a cooler of water onto Coach Sam’s head!

During evening meeting, the cast members, backstage ninjas, and costume design crew went to dinner early to prepare for a big night ahead! Everyone else waited patiently, enjoyed their burgers and fries after meeting, and walked over to the rec hall to be the best audience members a cast could ask for.

The show, Peter and the Starcatcher was a prequel to Peter Pan. Through the talented cast, the audience learned how the Neverland pirates came to be, what happened to Captain Hook’s real hand, where the name Peter Pan came from, and the dynamics between characters in the show. There was comedy, drama, and amazing acting skills. Thanks to the costume crew and backstage ninjas, the costumes were unique to each character and the sets were detailed to every last paint stroke. At the end of the show, the cast brought out their two directors, Grace and Eliana, to thank them for staying with the cast through thick and thin. Let’s have a round of applause for everyone involved in last night’s performance!

After the play, there was a special performance that the Alive program has been working on all session. It’s All In Your Head was a show written by the campers about mental illness and the experience and awareness around it. They gave an interesting perspective on anxiety through bringing the theme of mental health to life by using anxiety as a character in a game show format. In between scenes, there were funny, lighthearted commercial breaks. It was so impressive seeing the Alive campers not only performing it, but knowing they wrote the show too.

After a splendid night and good nights sleep, we all were rested for bagel Sunday and the last day of classes! We had our last interest groups announcements of the summer, including Peter, the glass blowing pro staff’s, last glass beads song and Meg came out with Elise for Planet Meg with both of their beautiful, long locks and hippy sunglasses. It felt like a blast from the past! It was a great way to end the morning and send everyone off to enjoy the ends of their classes. People are practicing for sharing night, finishing up art projects, and having their last moments with the animals.

Tonight is sharing night and tomorrow is our last lazy day. The younger half is going glow bowling and the older half is here for a music festival themed day, Valleyroo! Stay tuned for an update tomorrow and make sure to check out photos from the basketball game, the play, and the Alive show!

Seeeee ya,

Mama Iguana

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