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A Fabulous, Fun Day at the Fair!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Inflatable jousting!

Hello hello hello! Cara B. here with all the latest on this fantastic Fair Day.

As Mama Iguana mentioned earlier, this morning after setting up our Fair Day booths, we gathered at Deer Meadow’s field for the Brumby horse show! All of the Brumby campers did an amazing job showing off their skills riding through a cross country course. There was jumping, cantering, and lots of graceful riding through the beautiful pastures. We gave the campers and their horses an enthusiastic golf clap as they received their Brumby certificates- be sure to check out all the awesome photos below!

Afterwards, we headed back to main camp for Fair Day! Fair Day is one of my favorite days of camp and a super fun way to close out the session. Campers and counselors can visit awesome booths run by different cabin groups. Here’s what each cabin had to offer:

Loons did the poop shoot (a sillier version of a dunk tank)

Down Under did a jelly bean count

French 1/4 ran the chocolate fountain

Paquatahnee did fortune telling

Avalon ran inflatable jousting

Gimme Shelter ran the moon bounce

LCH did a name change booth

Shangri-La did face paint

Wombles were the DJs

Camelot did a spa with nail painting and temporary tattoos

Chateau Fiasco did sumo wrestling

Bermuda Triangle ran the inflatable water slide

Wabanaki did a marriage booth

Valhalla served ice cream

Fiddler’s Green served drinks

Forbidden Planet made fried dough

Taj Mahal did kiss-o-grams

How fun does that sound?? With painted faces, brand new names, and tummies full of corn dogs and ice cream, we all worked together to clean up from the fair. Afterwards, we headed back to our cabins for a much needed rest before gathering in the Rec Hall to watch videos made my video classes this session and a huge slideshow with photos from our past few weeks together. It was so much fun to reflect on our time spent together and see photos of camp in the winter. We even saw some photos of staff from when they were campers! Next, we headed to the Backyard for evening meeting where Peter and Meg answered questions about Hidden Valley during the winter months. We learned all about cross country skiing across the lake and how the llamas love to hang out in the snow.

We ate our delicious ravioli dinner outside picnic-style before heading back towards the gazebo for the Fair Day Dance! Right now, everyone is having a blast dancing, hanging out, and signing each other’s white books. Tonight, we’ll head back early for a good night’s rest to gear up for our big day of packing tomorrow! Stay tuned for more details to come. For now, enjoy photos from Brumby and Fair Day!


Cara B. Ner

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