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A Buttery, Ben and Jerry’s-filled, Bittersweet Good-bye

Thursday, July 21st, 2016
We will miss you!

We will miss you!


A very sad Miss Melody here as we have just sent off the last buses and are now slowly saying goodbye to the rest of the campers as their parents arrive. It was so funny to see all of the enthusiastic campers dancing the “Funky Chicken” as their friends drove away! One of the best HVC traditions…Thank goodness there are still a few intersessioners here, what would we do without campers!?

On a happier note, last night was FABULOUS. Bravo to all of the kitchen staff and counselor “waitrons” that made the lobster banquet so special. The food was DELICIOUS (creamy chicken parmesian, buttery lobster, cheesy and warm spanakopita, and simple yet scrumptious pasta or stuffed squash for those with dietary restrictions), the company was DIVINE, and the service was A+ (am I right or what!?) The tables looked so pretty with all of the different colors of the tablecloths, the salads, the potatoes, the buns and the butter dishes…plus the smiling faces of campers. It’s great to see the campers’ reactions when they find out their counselor was really a waiter/waitress the entire time!! Plot twist!! My favorite part of the lobster banquet is at the very end when the camp goes WILD and Meg comes out in a cow suit with MILLIONS (okay, maybe not millions…) of pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. What other camp director does that? Plus, nothing feels quite as comforting than our two good ole friends Ben and Jerry…

Pine Grove was last night as well and it was a gorgeous ceremony. There was a combination of silly, sweet, heartwarming, and active songs.

Loons had us all up and pretending to be jellyfish for the jellyfish song!

Haley’s Comet had us all feelin’ the love with Elvis Presley’s, “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”

Camelot got creative and changed the words to the “Baby Shark” song and sang about their cabin!

Shangri La sang the original “Baby Shark” song which is always a fun classic!

Forbidden Planet had us all laughing when they sang Peanut Butter and Jelly Time!

Wabanaki had us all dancing to one of the camp classics, “Princess Pat”

French Quarter sang the beautiful song, “Riptide” by Vance Joy

Tom’s Dulcimer Class also sang “Riptide”-it was so beautiful we had to sing it twice!

The Burrow sang the fun “Moose Song” about a moose who liked to drink a lot of juice!! (I’m with ya moose!!)

LCH had us all praising our love of gum with the “Bazooka Bubblegum Song”

Avalon sang the fun “Mighty Duck Song”

Wombles got creative and wrote their own song…fun!

Atlantis introduced a possible new HVC classic, “The Nature Anthem,” in which we were all dancing about our love of nature and our desire to be kind to everyone. Sweet, am I right!?

HVA shared some great memories while drinking water from their water bottles to “Cheers” the great summer they all shared.

Community sang a silly song about a cat who lived life dangerously!

More acts as well were FABULOUS. It brought a tear to my eye the sheer beauty we live with at camp…There are no photos to share from this special night as Pine Grove is a sacred evening program in which we all share in the beauty of nature and technology-free community interaction. Sitting around the campfire, singing and dancing with many people we love-what more could we need?!

On another note…we have some photos from the Outreach Outdoors class from this session! They went all over Maine doing fun things like visiting an Alpaca Farm, volunteering at another farm, and helping out the Fire Department! Good times in Maine! Wicked fun!!

More updates to follow as we get ready for next session that starts THIS WEEKEND!!! YAY! I already can’t wait for the camp to be full of smiling children again!

Ta ta for now and stay as sweet as this summer!

Miss Melody

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