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unday Sundaes, Cabin Night and Lazy Day Oh My!

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Dear Friends,

Justin here with a report about yesterday’s events…. The evening festivities began with the final installment of Junk Food Day…. Make your own ice cream sundaes, a dessert postponed by yesterday’s amazing Candy Drop. After a great ham meal (including scalloped potatoes and string beans, salad and a quiche for veggies) the cabins waited outside to be called back into the dining hall to choose from all sorts of great toppings (whipped cream, chocolate sauce, butterscotch, strawberries, etc.) Then it was off to Cabin Night and the following events for each group, as described by Program Director James….

Lower Carriage House spent the evening flying down the Tipi Zip Line.
Avalon scurried around the camp on a scavenger hunt for supplies to build a fire and make S’mores. Apparently the marshmallows were found in the treehouse.
Down in Deer Meadows Field, Loons started the evening off with dessert before enjoying their cookout, a chicken dinner on a camp fire.
Gimme Shelter found a suitable fire pit to make a successful fire for their S’mores
The older half boys: Chateau Fiasco, Treasure Island, Atlantis & Forbidden Planet enjoyed a Guys Night at our very own Ledge Pond with a toasty sauna, a warm camp fire, the exhilarating water slide, a cool evening swim and a water Frisbee game.
Ceramic fishes, sea slugs, and octopi were artistically created by Down Under, befitting their down-under-the-sea theme. All pieces are ready to be fired in the kiln for a later glazing event.
French Quarter were found in the Hilton Dance studio; facials, nail varnish, and music were the ingredients to a fun filled spa night.
Our paint covered Paquatahnee campers made a life size body art mural, everything from hand, feet and elbow prints came together to form a fantastic cabin decoration.
Many a shirt were tie dyed by Shangri-La, who were caught playing an energetic game of Captain’s Corner once the T-Shirts were done.
On top of a Spa Night, Valhalla continued to work on their recently made Tie Dyed T-Shirt, moving onto the next stage of the T-Shirt decorations.
Halley’s Comet’s time in the Foothills Dance Studio consisted of Oatmeal facials with none other than Meg, cucumber eyes, and newly painted finger/toe nails. There was a lot of great music and an Uno game as well.
Camelot came together to design a cabin T-Shirt which was then screen printed; they are now hanging to dry.
A nice relaxing Spa Night was had by Fiddler’s Green friendship bracelet making and warm Choco aided in a soothing drink to finish off the evening.
Taj Mahal took a little drive to play New England’s own Candle Pin Bowling.
The HV Apprentices hosted their mentors for a BBQ up at Blodgett and HV Alive – after going to see the Taming of the Shrew this afternoon at the Monmouth Theater – devoted the evening to scene writing and set building for their own upcoming show.

All in all, according to Peter (who I ran into while he was tasting a Gimmee Shelter s’more) camper enthusiasm and the generosity of staff who created these events all formed the basis of a splendid evening… And now here’s George with a look at the second Trip/Lazy Day of the second session…

Greetings Guys, George of the Jungle here with everything you need to know about the days fun-filled Activities…
After a delicious lazy day breakfast featuring banana bread this morning the two halves of camp bid each other adieu in preparation for today’s festivities.

The Younger Half left breakfast for a quick cabin spruce up this morning before fish, mermaids and seaweed take over Camp for Under The Sea Day which will include face-panting, trident wars, hook-a-duck, dream catcher creation and water ballon launching. The Younger Half will spend the afternoon drying off from their aquatic adventure in the sun by the pool while the Older Half, who enjoyed pool activities this morning, visits the Bangor State Fair. At the Fair the Older Half Cabins (including Shangri-La) will enjoy a picnic lunch before splitting off into smaller groups to enjoy all the rides and activities the fair has to offer including dodgem cars, wizzy-dizzies, mini- roller coasters and of course an abundance of Fair Food, ranging from lemonade, to fried dough and cotton candy!

When we reunite at meeting this evening both halves will swap stories pertaining to the myriad of adventures that took place throughout the day. After our famous Lazy Day pizza for Dinner we shall all settle our tired selves in for a Movie Night in the Rec Hall featuring a super secret film to top off a truly tremendous day of action packed, not-so-lazy, activities.

Until Next Time Folks,
Watch out for those trees!
George of the Jungle.

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